Monday, February 15, 2010

THE Mardi Gras Jelly Bean Contest

This apothecary jar stands 15 inches high.
It is filled with Jelly Belly Brand Jelly beans.
In honour of Mardi gras,
today starts THE Jelly Bean Contest!
Guess of the total jelly beans in the jar.
Email me your guess at
One guess per person, please.
On March 1st, 2010
(two weeks from today)
The contest will end.
Winner will receive a
(valued at $30.00)
made by the amazing artist
Robin Tolbert.
A photo of the CRYSTAL HUG
will be in a future blog post.
The jelly beans have been counted by the
non-accounting firm of
(Josh)Miller and (Larry)Tolbert.
The number of JB's are in a sealed envelope,
and will be opened two weeks from today
when the winner is announced.
Thank you for sharing my moments.
I love you beyond the orange jelly beans.
(my personal favorite)
Love you.