Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday In A Box

Yesterday, I had the most interesting day. It seemed busy, but when I look back on things, it was not THAT busy....just hot in Texas and tedious errands that seemed to take forever. I power walked, baked a cake, painted, ironed and went to one of Larry's managers team meetings. The meeting was held outside, (HOT) but the good news is that the pool was beautiful, Rita & Matt have made their new home charming, and were the perfect hosts. As at most company meetings, there was sucking up. I loved watching the corporate activities, while sitting, drinking a diet coke and nibbling the most amazing chocolate chip cookies. (Thank you Amos for baking such delights)
We returned home about 8...and I found a box on the porch. I LOVE boxes.
Kevin & Darren had remembered my birthday! I was touched and thrilled, not to mention tired and hot.
In the box was the PINK MARTINI dvd of their world concert! Oh I love this! Thank you so much! It must be said now, that it was Kevin & Darren who introduced Larry and myself to Pink Martini a few years ago. We became fans and have had the privilege to sit, front row at The House Of Blues at the Dallas concert last year. (My play list contains Pink Martini) It really is not the box or the DVD, but about friendships and celebrating lives. I adore is your own special celebration. Kevin-san, Darren-san, your gift makes my heart sing. Sunday July 5th , Sunday dinner and movie will feature this most wonderful DVD...I wish that you where here to share it with us, but know that a toast will be said, and pictures snapped. Love you beyond the moon. Me


pollicino said...

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jikido said...

hi there,

i am just about ready to leave my job...i cannot do this much longer....i have worked 100 hours (over) since the new year.

love you and thank you for letting me vent!