Monday, October 17, 2016

The Weekend, In A Nutshell

The French phrase for the day:
Allez! Un petit effort!
{Come on! Try a little!}

My Larry and I celebrated the end of the week with dinner.
Karen & John gave us an amazing bottle 
 of St Emilion last weekend.
{thank you Karen & John}

Your thank you note is in the mail.
Yes, a Pink Unicorn Card!
Karen, John, we wrote in it while enjoying dinner.
That should explain a few things. 

Sunday dinner was a small darne. {filet, in French}
Mashed potatoes and asparagus.

On Saturday,
The leader of my weight watcher group
had a special meeting.
It was a breast cancer round table.

I took Larry with me
we both came away in awe.
To be honest,
 I have felt very alone in my struggles.
After all the surgeries, treatments 
random things that happen 
when someone has breast cancer,
I thought I was to be back to normal.

You know, same active Robin
same attitude, same energy.

I was not and am not the same person.
What an absolute relief!
All of this time I have been beating myself up,
making myself do things because I used to do.

Celeste, you are wonderful.
Along with your special breast cancer meeting,
Karen and John's special wine
a few very personal things that mean that
our family is healing,
it was an OK weekend.

Just in case, you do not know our family,
we are close.
Very close.
If you hurt one of us, you hurt all of us.

Larry and I have not heard one word from
the person who hurt our daughter so badly.
We have not seen him since his birthday in September.
I hope he is well and his family happy.

Love you beyond all the broken hearts.