Thursday, February 18, 2016


The days of 2016 have been good.
My focus is on getting healthy,
 now that I am cancer free.

Walking seems to be my exercise of choice.
Not a stroll, but a walk that makes it difficult to talk.
I am up to 4 miles, 3 times a week.
I feel so good 
hope that my knees hold out.

While I walk, I listen to music.
But that really leaves a lot of thinking time too.

It is a political year.
There is so much energy and sharing of ideas.
does that mean all sense of kindness and manners
fly out the window?
The candidates are beasts to each other.
On Face Book, people share their feelings openly,
being rather brash and unkind,
almost daring someone to disagree with them.

Does that mean if my political ideas do not match yours,
I can be rude to you or are you just 
spouting rhetoric?

The Texas Primary election is March 1st.
I shall be in line early....

No matter what is said or who you chose to vote for,
the idea is to VOTE.
Let your voice be heard in the best of ways.

Love you.