Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Notes

Yesterday, while Lauren and Matilda were in Plano,
Their car broke down.
As we waited for the tow truck, we played.

Matilda said, spin me Robi! Spin me!
I did spin her.
We laughed really hard.

The tow truck came to get the car. Matilda watched.

After all that spinning, Matilda's cheeks were pink.
We got into my car and drove to the dealership,
 where they had a rental waiting for Lauren.

It was funny, because we caught up to the tow truck driver.
{he was taking the car to the dealership}

After Lauren got her rental and the sick Rav4 was being looked at,
we went to lunch.

 Matilda makes anything fun.
Even a broken car.

It is Friday.
A good day to remember:
It is NOT your circus
they are NOT your monkeys.
Do not let other people make you feel bad about yourself
because they are....I want to say lame, but that's not PC.
{but its the truth}
Take a deep breath.
Remember how special you are 
 that you have the ability to make someone happy
by a smile or a kind word.
Don't let the bastids get you down.

Love you beyond my bike.