Friday, June 19, 2015

The Box

Since I have been feeling spectacular,
I have been working on Chef Valentine's blog.
Yesterday, I was thinking about  special recipes in our lives.
{while looking up Julia Child quotes}
Special treasures that hold so much powder.
Recipes can make a dinner party a success or not.
Recipes have the ability to be a treasured gift.
Recipes can be a sign of friendship.
A perfect recipe can make one occasion perfect.
Recipes are joyful.

My Mother once told me about a woman, when asked to share a recipe,
she would gladly share it but, change one or two ingredients.
{how could she do that?}

I keep my recipes in "The Box".
The box is filled with family treasures, gifts, friendships,
special moments.
When I was writing the Recipe Books for Lauren & Jami,
My Larry asked: Do you want a special Oberon Book also?
I said: No thank you. I love "The Box".
It is a biggish box. Bought in the '90's at the Container Store.
The Box.
My Box.
How can one box hold so many treasured moments?

Happy Friday.
Love you.