Monday, June 22, 2015

He Held My Hand

While in Philadelphia two weeks ago,
Larry held my hand and said:
Come, I want you to read this.
{it was in a shop window}

He LOVED this.
I love this.
I bought it for him for Fathers Day.
{from the Irish Shop in New Hope, PA}
The words resonate with Larry. With us!
The seal at the bottom of the ART is the Irish Artist seal.

Today as usual, Laundry is swirling.
Libby is uneasy
keeps looking for a more comfortable place to curl up in.
And me,
I have a lovely chore to do today.
I will write Thank You Notes.
Thank you's to people who have supported my passion
to have mammograms available to all women.
I love to write thank you notes.
There is something special about sharing your thoughts 
in your own handwriting.

It is Monday.
A brand new week.
Remember, make it count.
Love you.