Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What Greets Me

I slept in this morning.
Posting on the blog before 9 am is my daily goal.
It seems that today,
 I fell sound asleep after saying goodbye to Larry 
when he left for work.
(around 6 am)

Each morning, when I get  up and around,
going to turning on music,
this is what greets me.
Family photos and my Grandmothers China Man.
(the picture of the woman in the '40's suit is my Grandmother)
I feel that these faces are what matter in life.
Past and present.
The amazing people who have helped make us who we are.
They are my heart.

Yesterday was beautiful.
Trees are not quite blooming, but the sky shouts spring.
This is Jami and Jared's back yard.
They have had long, difficult schedules 
yesterday I went over to let the dogs out and play with them.

Today, is a work day for me.
I am painting again and stay tuned:
I will be auctioning a painting for Susan Komen
again this year.
 Happy Wednesday.
Love you beyond all of my family photos.