Saturday, March 28, 2015

She Seems OK

It is a glorious Saturday morning.
The crisp March morning is doing battle with the Texas sun today.
Who will win?

Larry is working in the garden.
I am still in my nighty, 
wanting to post this before I forget the feelings that I just had.

I took this photo of Libby just a moment ago.
In the past hour, 
she came into my work room and threw-up under the table.
I said: lets go outside...
and she fell over on her side.
Her legs became stiff and she ended up on her back
with all 4 legs stiff, out-ward.
I sat next to her, talking and petting her.
2 minutes felt like 22 minutes.
She woke up, startled.
She seems ok.
Her walk is the same funny, Libby walk.
She kept looking at me,
I made her dinner and set it down.
She ate every bite.

Libby will be 14 years old this June.
 I know that God has a plan for Libby as she grows older.
I pray for strength...and for two more years? Is that fair?
I love Libby beyond the moon....