Monday, June 16, 2014

Survivors and Dragonflies

It IS Monday and I find myself daydreaming today.
The weekend was emotional and wonderful.
I have just a few important things to blog about today.

 This is the survivors photo.
As you look at the photo, front row number 189.
I am behind her
After the 5K, there was a survivors parade,
It was emotional and I met so many wonderful women.
the following people made my successful walk possible.
In total, we gathered $1,070.00
Just think how many mammograms that will get!
Thank you to.....
Paula & Franson Nwaeze
Lauren Miller
Zach Rathnore and Andy Armstrong
Bobbie & Bill Roach
Rocky Rhoads & Debra Wellman
Sue Stevenson
Nesli Oguzman
Rosemary Grossman
Lorie Witt
Kathy Richmond
Lara Everette
Kim & Gordon Schmidt
Lorie Patch
Danese Grandfield
Karen Cox
Dima Kusai
Lisa Aven
Each of you were tremendous in your support of me.
I cannot thank you enough.
I think I cried each time
 Komen wrote to announce a donation in my name.
I sigh.
 There are no adequate words
to share with you what your support meant to me.
You each have touched me beyond the words...
It is much as it was during surgery and treatment.
I once again found out who my friends were.
It was not just through donations, but endless notes
sharing love and thoughts with me.
I felt you all near on Saturday.
I thank each of you. My cup runneth over.
Late last Friday, I received a donation that
put me over $1,000.00.
Kim Schmidt donated in memory of her two dear friends.
Kim Newlen
Lisa Thalhimer
I did not know her friends but knew of Lisa for many years.
{my daughter Lauren knew her}
When Lisa was sharing her last days with her friends and family,
she told them,
when a dragonfly comes near
and looks at you, it is me watching over you...
On Saturday I carried this remembrance card with me the entire walk.
After the pictures, the 5K, the survivors parade....
Larry and I were standing off from the stage.
It is then, a huge dragon fly came and looked us both in the eye.
Larry, knowing Lisa Talhimer's story,
Looked at me, then down at my In Memory Page,and said:
 Well, I know who that is.
We both started crying then.
Darn it. I held the tears in all day,
 till the dragonfly came to us.
Thank you Lisa.
As I close, I have so much more to say.
I wish you were with me on Saturday.
I wish I could share this experience in words better.
I wish I could hug you each...
to Lisa Talhimer, your visit means the world.
I love this picture.
I am a 1 year and 11 month survivor.
Life is good.
Love you all beyond the moon....

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