Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Harry Houdini

March 24, 1874 - October 31, 1926

Today is Mr Houdini's birthday.
I grew up hearing all about Harry Houdini.
My Mother was quite taken with him,
as she was a small child when his legend was still alive.
Mothers favorite story was,
Harry always told his wife, if he died during a "stunt"
 he would find a way
 to contact her from the other side.
Since My Mother found this story so thrilling,
I always thought that she would contact me,
from the other side.
It has never happened,
but on this day,
I remember such a talent as Mr Houdini,
the great talks Mother and I always had.
Happy Birthday Mr Houdini.
Miss you Mother.
Love you,


John Cox said...

A lovely tribute to both Houdini and your mother. Thank you.

Teagirl said...

I remember watching the movie with Tony Curtis as Houdini. My mother told me about him. I, too, was mezmorized and facinated.

Here's to Mr. Houdini and your precious Mother. ♥ HUGZ ♥