Friday, November 30, 2018

Positive Thoughts This Friday

Happy Friday!
It looks like it is going to be an amazing weekend
it has started already.

This morning, around 6:30 my phone rang.
A sweet voice said:
Hellooooo Robi! Guess who came last night?
{Gertrude is Matilda's Elf On The Shelf}

Can you imagine any better way to start the day?

We "face timed" so I could see the dress.
Gertrude was dressed in....
 like Clara from The Nutcracker.

PHOTO: Matilda's Elf dressed like Clara from The Nutcracker
I love this photo of Gertrude.
How wonderful children are
with their imaginations and hopes.

This time of year is for the children
for the faithful.
Positive energy can even perk-up
a Grinch if done the right way.

If you by chance know a Grinchy,
do your best and smile your hardest.

I plan on doing the same thing.
Love you.

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