Thursday, November 29, 2018

Around The Next Corner

I am sitting at my work table, 
knitting a cute top for Christmas parties.
It is still early and I am waiting for COSTCO to open.
Today I must buy Champagne, a standing rib roast,
a rotisserie chicken, salad and fruit.
A few of these things are for holiday gatherings.

While sitting here,
I ordered all of the photos from our holiday.
{401 of them!}
I found one shot that I had forgotten about....
and it still makes me  smile. 

Photo: Plaster relief on wall. Montmarte, France

It was early one afternoon,
and we were up in Montmarte. 
Larry loves Montmarte but I find it uninspired
sad how some people try to cash in on 
the reputations of others. {ARTists}

BUT, I saw this creative face, high on the side of a building.
 Eyes closed, facing the heavens
I fell in it Angel?  Human? 
Is it a blank face that we can imagine our face on?

Just when I was grumpy and not enjoying Montmarte...
ART was sent to me in the form of
line, color{less} form and joy.

Someday I will learn
and try to enjoy every second of every day
even when I am grumpy.
You never know what joy you will find 
around the next corner...
Love you.

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