Wednesday, October 17, 2018

To Early To Surrender

It is STILL raining in Texas.
My heart is heavy, 
knowing that so many people's lives
are being affected by the flooding.
May God hold them close during these difficult days.

It is almost dark in the house at 8:40 am.
I am ready to paint and perhaps I will not let
lighting interfere.
Maybe I will just paint and see what happens!
Photo: My work area.
Or maybe I should just sketch today?
There are many things I could be doing.
Larry's Christmas quilt needs a binding.
{yes! It is back from the Quilter}
I am making things for the holidays.
Just a few gifts for special people.
Special people 
understand the "Hand Made"thing. 
They are the ones that make it fun
to share these things with.

It is a  very rainy day
I have many things I could do 
but do not feel like doing anything at all.
Except maybe,
 go cuddle in bed with a cup of tea
my Kindle.
I have just started

So is beautifully written
and intriguing. 
BUT, isn't it to early to surrender and go read?

Love you beyond pretty umbrellas.

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