Monday, October 8, 2018

The Weekend

I would like to apologize for the obnoxiousness of this page.
Sometime this week, it will have a different "look."
To be honest, I am looking forward to tweaking it a bit.

The Weekend

Photo: Tickets to Colette
Larry took me to see Colette.
At first, we were the only people at the Angelika,
then within moments,
the entire movie theater was full.
I LOVED the movie. 
Sunday started at church.
It was communion Sunday and the Autumn festival.
We had lunch and a live auction
that benefited the Samaritan Fund.
Photo: First Presbyterian. Jamison was baptized here.
Both daughters were confirmed here , a sister married here
 and my Mother eulogized here. Larry became a Presbyterian Elder  much history.

 After Church.....
Photo: Afternoon storms. 
the storms came and yes, we drove through this one.
It was awful. 
When we came home, I had to decide about 
my dress for an upcoming photo shoot.
Photo: I will be making the middle view. This is a vintage pattern. 18 years old.

It is a  2000 pattern
and is a skirt and top. I love it and cannot wait to make it.
I have decided on Silk Shantung.
Lauren Miller is our photographer and I look forward
to special photos of Larry and me...
What do you do to preserve moments?

Have a wonderful day.
Love you beyond red silk fabric.

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