Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Pink Book

Photo: Flowers in the kitchen
Yesterday, in a sweet email from a friend,
I was asked about the devotional 
that was mentioned in the blog last week.
And no.
I do not mind answering questions at all.
The devotional book has a wonderful story.

I had been diagnosed with breast cancer about one week
before a box arrived in the summer of 2012.
It was a white box from Memphis,
 filled with care, love and friendship.
One of the treasures in the box was the book:

Promises Of Hope For Women.

Photo:  my favorite devotional
I love this book.
It was given to me by dear friend Lisa.
It is filled with scripture of hope, strength
quotes by many women
{and men}
Each day I randomly open my book
read my lesson for the day.
Sometimes, if the message touches my heart,
I mark it. In my own way.
Photo: I mark my favorite scriptures and quotes

Perhaps I should not draw in the book....
but these  are my bookmarks of hope and strength.

The book is much more worn than it shows in photos.
It is the beginning of my day.
It is a treasured gift from a friend.
It reminds me that we are all children of God
it reminds me that
 I am loved and strong.

Sometimes, when we are most discouraged,
we need reminders. At least I do.

Love you.

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