Thursday, November 10, 2016

Time For A Change

The time has come for a change.
In the next few weeks,
the blog will be quiet
void of new postings, 
I will be moving to a new Internet location.
 My time will be spent
working on the new and improved,
Robin Toujours.
Soon to be known as
here is the link:

I will continue blogging in December,
but the posts will be at a new location
that will include my ART for sale and other fun things.

I would like to thank my producers
Josh and Lauren Miller

My supporting cast
Larry Tolbert
Libby, the moon faced pug dog.

Fingers crossed and spit into the wind....
that the new site will be up and running in a month.
Till then, I shall be in Wordpress graduate school.

Wish me luck.
Love you beyond the moon.