Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Untitled Moments

Yesterday our next door neighbor had surgery,
I had the privilege of dog-sitting this cutie.
His name is Baxter, the happy, smiling puppy.
he is so sweet...I loved spending time with him.
{I put him on the chair for this photo,
hope he was allowed on the chair...}
Then.....the mail came filled with special things.
One of my favorite people in the world,
{who I have never met-YET}
Lori Vergolini-Delisi from AVANTI Pess,
sent me cards.
 Libby Halloween Cards.
How wonderful is that?
{you can buy AVANTI cards at many locations!}
The pink unicorn pug will live on forever.
Thank you Lori, I will write you a real note soon.

There was another package in the mail for me.
Rosemary, how absolutely beautiful!
I cannot wait to wear it.
The stone in the necklace reminds me of 
Glass Beach on Kauai.
Your friendship means so much to me.
Thank you for being a good friend.

I suppose that I am that odd-ball old lady
who knits to keep my blood pressure down.
I tested this pattern yesterday.
A bear hat for Matilda.
I knit the hat on large needles, 
and it took only a few hours.
 I had so much fun making this hat.
Look out,
 there is no telling who will be getting one for Christmas.

Today Is Halloween costume day.
Of course I am making my outfit...
isn't Autumn a beautiful time of year?

Today, please be kind to someone.
Smile, tell a joke, give a hug.
Life is fragile.
Love you!