Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Bag Of Bones

It was a quiet yesterday.
I felt tired, the head ache would not go away
my heart beat, in double time, all day long.
Stress, what a pain in the neck.

My days have been busy with projects
and watercolors.
This is the hat I am making...for Halloween.
{REALLY! for Halloween}
Go on Laugh.
Confession: I have been feeling witchy lately.

Larry took me to a local cafe last night
for dinner.
It was quiet in the restaurant
 the food was good.
We had a great talk.

I dislike when Toujours
reflects how unsettled things are at 
The Cottage.
The amusing thing is,
for all of the turmoil, 
Larry and I are very happy.
We are indeed blessed.

Back to the witch hat I am making.
At the craft store, I bought a bag of plastic bones.
Miniature bones to decorate my hat.
I AM feeling wicked....because 
thinking about decorating that hat
with bones makes me smile.

Life is amazing, find the humor
be honest with yourself.
Love you.