Monday, September 19, 2016

Trying Not To Be Grumpy

It is early, not yet 6:30
I have to go to the dentist.
It is cement the new crown day.
We have been going to Dr F for over 30 years
on cement the crown days,
I take treats for the office.
Today I am taking a rum cake that I made.

This weekend was perfection.
Jami had her 2nd dress fitting,
we went out to dinner after,
Larry and I both got projects finished
yesterday ended with Sunday Dinner
a movie.
Dinner was...
pork medallions in mustard sauce,
baked potatoes and green beans.
Movie was not really a movie.
It was a Masterpiece Theater binge
before the new season starts next Sunday.
{have you seen it?}

I have reinstated my Facebook.
After receiving a few interesting emails
about how difficult it was finding the blog
now that there was no LINK on Facebook to follow,
I logged back on.
I kind of feel like I "gave in"....
but perhaps it is for the best.

It was the best weekend....
now it is Monday, Dentist day.
I am trying not to be grumpy.
Love you.