Monday, September 26, 2016

A Monday Tale

When I was a little girl,
our family moved every two years.
Norman (my father) was never content with what he had.

Being the middle of three daughters,
I was shy and unhappy,
always being the new kid in school
was hard for me.

My parents said:
you are lucky to have this experience.
New schools, new people.

I did not think so then
I do not think so now.

Then I married my best friend.
This patient, wonderful man
taught me so much about life and love.
After many years, I feel happy in my own skin.

Now that I am self assured and somewhat vocal,
I am in a spot.
A spot where I have to be 
patient, non-vocal and a non participant.

Lifes journey is a huge circle isn't it?
Where is that shy little girl with no front teeth?
I need her today.

Dear Readers of Toujours:
Love you.


Teagirl said...

Uh Oh.
Sending you love and hugz.