Monday, August 1, 2016

Quite a Journey

Can you believe that today is August 1st?
It is beautiful outside this morning
will get super hot this afternoon.
I have been enjoying this summer, a lot.

Yesterday, was my four year anniversary of being cancer free.
as per tradition, the family celebrated with high tea.
{at City Cafe}
City Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas
Charlotte, for the second year, was our party planner.
She was superb.

We all met at the cafe.
It was 103 outside and we were all in good spirits.

 When tea is served, we are always thrilled
by the beauty of the food.
It is all delish.

We had Champagne and iced tea
along with our hot tea.

Desserts were perfection.
I cannot believe that I did not get a photo of the scones.
They were served with Devonshire cream and jam.

I have been cancer free for 4 years.
After next years celebration, 
I think that I will stop counting.

Thank you Larry and my wonderful daughters,
my son in laws 
This has been quite a journey
I love you all beyond the moon.
Rob, Mom, Robi and Me