Monday, August 8, 2016

Floating Away

What a lovely weekend.
When I say Lovely, I mean it in EVERY sense of the word.

I must admit though,
relying on my promise of full disclosure,
I had a a few blue moments.
Lets call them navy blue moments. 

For three weeks in a row,
memories get in my way.
But, once they are gone, 
I get back to life as normal.

Last week was my Remission Tea.
The family gathers and toasts my health.

This weekend, was Mothers birthday.
She would have been 91 years old on the 6th.
{next weekend is the anniversary of her death.}

This weekend started at the Ft Worth Museum of ART.
Frank Stella's exhibit is there till September
it is off to the De Young Museum in San Francisco.

This exhibit was a joy.
It let me float away to places of spirit and beauty.
Thank you Frank Stella.
I loved spending every moment with your ART.

So, now it is Monday.
Beautiful, brand new Monday.
Ok, lets get out there
turn that navy into light blue!
{imagine me with pom-poms}

Love you.