Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday News

 It is going to be hot outside today.
I have the house already closed up from the heat.
All of the blinds are closed 
We have a lot of  H2O in the fridge.
I will walk 3 miles in about an hour,
just trying to talking myself into it right now.
 I thought  that Current Affairs
might be perfect for today's Blog.

Matilda's "friend" birthday party last Saturday was wonderful.
Her Bouncy House was a "hit"...about 12 children came to the party.

Did you know that My Larry is starting a new job next week?
A promotion for sure and a new outlook on the job he loves so dearly.
He is having reviews this week 
with the managers that he is leaving behind.
It is bitter sweet for him,
but he is so happy that he is about to bust!

My old iron died this week.
I had to go out and make the big decision 
about what Iron that I was going to replace it with.
This is the new member of the family.
her name is Ruby.
I adopted her from Target.
She is kind of awesome.

This week,
I have had my 4 year{after breast cancer}mammogram.
{all clear!}

Went to a restaurant opening in Dallas.
{it was so much fun!}

Yesterday was Camp Robi.
{golden ticket and good manners day}

Today I am skipping my weigh in at Weight Watchers
but will walk 3 miles this morning.

I paint every day
have found that I do not have the patience to put up
with merde {foolishness} from anyone right now.
{I believe that this is an awesome revelation}

Today I must work in Birthday gifts for friends,
Ruby will be used for the first time.

Dear ones, have a happy day.
Smile often and share the moments.
I love you.