Monday, July 25, 2016

The Best Party

Our Grand daughter turned 5 last week.
She celebrated all week and included us in everything.
Yesterday was the "family" party.
We swam, had hamburgers, hot dogs and fruit salad.
My Larry and I finally gave her the gifts from us!
She wanted a BIG moth!
Larry gets his insects at: BUG UNDER GLASS
This one is a beautiful one from Madagascar.
She loved it.

In the five years of Matilda, 
she has learned to swim like a fish.
I could watch her all day.

After swimming and dinner, these two buddies 
tossed the football.
in 102 degree heat!

Matilda drank Oraginia, while the over 21 crowd
celebrated with Champagne.
Happy Birthday My Cherie.
Just think, next year, you will be 6 years old.

I love you,


andrea chiu said...

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