Friday, July 29, 2016

Karen and John

Last night, we had dinner at Seasons 52
with Karen & John Cox.
Karen and John live in Georgia,
 when they are in town
Larry and I feel honored that they take the time
to visit with us.
{They are awesome}

I do not have a picture of them,
but I did promise to send Karen a book that I just finished.
I will post that!
I loved this book.
It is written with heart and insight.
When I read the last page,
It was almost as if someone put a spell over me.
I told Karen that I would send her my copy,
I think that I am not ready to part with this book yet.
Maybe I will order it for her.
Karen, look for a box soon...
PS~ Loved our visit last night.

It is Friday.
Beautiful, wonderful, happy Friday.
Have a perfect weekend.
I love you,