Monday, June 20, 2016

Your Wish...

Fathers Day is over for another year.
I cannot remember Larry having such a smile filled day.
The picture above was taken moments ago...
left overs, from a lovely evening.

I gave Larry a new Bistro set for fathers Day.
Last week Larry told me:
I took Libby outside,
 she sniffed around the back garden for one hour
and there was no place to sit.
{a couple of the old chairs had holes in the bottoms}
Your wish is my command Sir!
Happy Father's Day!

Do you know Larry?
Do you know him even a little bit?
Then you will understand this 
Game Of Thrones reference.
One of his gifts from Lars, Josh and Matilda was this Gnome.
I laugh each time I look at it.

Larry Tolbert is an amazing man.
My daughters and I are blessed to have him in our life
I thank God for him every day.

Love you.