Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Just Love Her

When I lived in Raleigh North Carolina, the first time,
I was in 4th Grade.
President Kennedy was  in the oval office,
we had a Cocker Spaniel named Sir Lancelot
every day when I came home from school
the soundtrack from Camelot 
was playing on Mother's phonograph.

I would do my homework and chores to the music,
 knew every word, of each song by the time I started 5th grade.
Over the years, I have seen the production many times.

In 1984, June, I was 9 months pregnant with Jamison.
Camelot was at the ORPHEUM Theater in Memphis.
Richard Harris played King Arthur and directed the play.
I must admit this was my favorite production of the play.
I have seen Robert Goulet, Michael York, Richard Harris 
 many others in this play.
My only regret is, that I never saw
Richard Bourton play King Arthur.

As I was working a few days ago,
Camelot popped up on my playlist.
I could almost hear Mother singing
dancing around the house to the music.
Aren't memories wonderful things?
They can fill your heart with the love and joy of long ago.

This is Larry's philosophy about me....Good Guy.

Love you.