Monday, June 27, 2016

I Shake My Head In Wonder

Ahhhh, Blessed Monday!
Larry is working,
I have chores around the house all day.
Laundry, sewing and painting.
 The past weekend exhausted me.
I need this week to recover!

At camp last week, it was "friendship" day.
Matilda brought Emily and Naoh with her to Camp Robi
They earned the "Clowning Around" patch.
Can you see why?
{They were awesome}

For Show and Tell, 
Emily made rice crispy treats
 in the design of an American flag.

Noah brought action figures and explained who they were.

Matilda brought flowers from her garden
told us about how she planted them and the dirt.

Emily was our camp photographer for the day.
She was stationed in the gazebo
captured Noah and Matilda playing soccer.
The kiddo's earned 6 patches.
Clowing Around,
Friendship Around the World,
The Eiffel Tower,
Camp Day,
The Knot patch!
Camp Robi was fun last week.
Thank you, Emily and Noah for joining us!

Yesterday we went to Ft Worth
 for my belated birthday celebration.
{we were sick on the scheduled party day}
We are all better now and had a wonderful day. 
Lunch/Brunch was at Reata.
Then we went to the Kimball Museum of ART. 

Matilda asked:
Robi, will you take my photo with the Pablo?
{she loves Pablo Picasso}

After the Kimball, we went across the street
to the Ft Worth Museum of Science and History.
It was super hot but we had the best time.
The Critter  Exhibit was perfection.

Josh gave me one last birthday gift.
He made a handle for 
The Big Green Egg
 out of Burlwood!
The handle, that came with the grill, 
crumbled off this spring.
I have to admit,
That this new handle,
made by my Son-In Law,
is so much better than what came with the grill.
It is absolutely beautiful.

The weekend was beautiful too.
Sometimes I just shake my head in wonder.
How did I get to lucky?

Love you,