Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Man With OCD

Last night during dinner,
our air conditioner unit outside made a terrible noise.
After we finished eating,
Larry went out, flash light in hand
found a few branches there, blown in from recent storms.

I am not sure why,
 but it reminded me of something I wanted to share.

A few months ago,
we bought a new dish washer.
It is a quiet one with stainless interior 
a lot of buttons.
One other thing, it has is a huge section for silverware.
One night, while Larry and I were emptying the dishwasher before bed,

Larry said:
 Hey Rob, did you notice that there is a section for
each utensil? Spoons go there, forks there, etc....

I said:
 I have just be putting things in, just wherever.

Larry said:
I've noticed and don't worry.
I check when you are finished
then put them in the correct section. 

Isn't it awesome being married 
to a man with OCD?

I love you Larry.