Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sunday, Dinner and Movie

Wasn't Easter Sunday perfection?
Flowers in the vase 
friends greeting us by saying: He is risen!

Larry and I loved planning our day,
 including Sunday, dinner and movie.
For Easter Sunday, we wanted something a bit special.

A friend of mine writes.
She is the master of historical novels.
Anne Girard
Her newest book is Platinum Doll.
I never knew much about Jean Harlow
I loved learning about her.
The novel is wonderful,
Anne shares the complex life of Jean Harlow
in an interesting, kind way.
{besides, I adore how Anne writes}

I finished reading Platinum Doll two weeks ago
it felt right to watch a Jean Harlow movie 
with Sunday dinner.
Roasted chicken and veggies.
White wine
We had never watched a Jean Harlow movie,
and LOVED this one.
It was one of the first "talkies" made.
1930's  humor is different and fun.

Anne, thank you for sharing your talent with us.
Larry and I have loved getting to know Harlean.

Spring is officially here and it makes me happy.
Love you.


Mark Richard Beaulieu said...

Great style you have Robin. Such a classy post! I'm a Dianaphile(sp?) as well.