Friday, March 4, 2016

Keep On Going

It has been a long week.
We are tired and looking forward to the weekend.

Libby is awake and eating.
This picture is a little spooky,
I caught her in mid-nibble and her poor blind eyes
are reflecting a smokey gray color.
She ate every bite of her food 
  is such a good pug dog.

This is a peek of a quilt that I am working on.
It is a gift and I do not want to show to much.

This week has been a drudge.
A flat out, stinky week.
{thank goodness I had Libby with me 
 an awesome quilt to work on}
Have you ever noticed,
 that no matter what is happening in your life,
or how down you feel...
life just keeps going on.
You have no choice except to pick yourself up
keep on going.

I hope that your weekend is perfection
that your moments are special.
Love you.