Monday, March 7, 2016

Beyond The Pigments

My granddaughter asked if I had a favorite painting.
Oh, yes! I do!
Henri Matisse's Daisy Painting.
Henri Matisse is one of my favorite ARTists also.
by M. Matisse
M. Matisse inspires me and thrills me at the same time.
Are they the same things?
I love his work and this one painting in particular,
so much, that I painted it for myself.
Larry always says, that he likes my version better.
by R. Tolbert

Mine is titled:After Matisse
it is the only painting I will never sell.
Here is my painting, in my house,
 with soft light coming in through leaded glass.

Isn't ART wonderful?
Your favorite works can make you smile
calm you on a difficult day.
I wish that I could thank M. Matisse for his work.

Love you beyond the pigments.