Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I Love Knitting

 Yarn, notions and patterns.
There is always a project in my basket
this sweater project seems to be taking forever.
But...I am glad that it is taking forever.
I had the pattern for years and have made the sweater before.
The yarn is from France.
Bought one, cold, beautiful, day in Paris.
Larry chose the color.
I love the pattern, the yarn and now, the needles.
{the needles that I had been working with are warped.
They were cheap and came in a package of all sizes for $50.00.}
These needles are new, they arrived yesterday
they are hand made, Lantern Moons.
They are my favorite brand of knitting needles.
The Ferrari of knitting needles.
Oh la la.
I bought two sets.
{now I have a total of 4 sets}
Today is raining and damp
I have the feeling that this project will go a lot faster now.

Isn't it fun to splurge sometimes.
No matter what it is,
just getting something special, because you are special.

Love you.