Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Good Morning Tuesday!
I walked poor Larry to the door around 6 am.
He is off to work, after the great kidney stone episode of 2016.
He was not well yesterday, but today he is ok.

After walking Larry to the door and kissing him good bye,
I went back to bed.
The comforter, beach quilt and Libby snoring,
put me back to sleep in no time.
I slept in.

Larry asked,
 that I wait till this evening to put things back into the pantry,
so he could help me.
I said: Sure!
{even though I am better at throwing things away than he is}

For a few years, Larry's chess set was front and center
on the coffee table.
We play chess a lot, but it was still in the way.
Last week, we bought this sweet little table.
We got the two chairs out of storage,
and this week, I want to paint them.
I will paint them and distress the chairs to match the table.
I love this Chess spot.
We have played chess every day since moving the board.
Anyone want to come over and play?

Thank you for taking time to read about my moments.
Have a beautiful, beautiful day.
Love you,