Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Piles of Books

Libby is sitting 3 feet from me, 
giving me "the stink eye."
My poor blind puppy is confused because I have
changed her route around the house.
I still have OCD and cleaning-itis.

Yesterday, I started cleaning the
 bookshelves in the dining room.
They are a work in progress.
The pile of books for Half Price Book Store
is larger than what I am keeping.
What is it about purging?
Cleaning out the old and leaving things fresh,
gives me such a feeling of well being.
Books are piled up,
projects are piled up,
Libby is mad at me.
When I got my camera out to take pictures this morning,
the battery was dead.
{I used the big camera for shots today}
Music for cleaning today:
Henry Mancini
Peter Nero.
Have you ever read this book?
It is simply the saddest book we own.
It has to stay on the shelves.
Oh well......

Love you.