Monday, January 11, 2016

The Monday Check Up

It is late on this Monday morning.
I have been to Dr. H's office.
Today was my big, yearly breast cancer, check up.
I even had a new 3D mammogram.
It was not awesome, or fun
I am breast cancer free!

Yesterday, for Sunday, Dinner and a Movie,
My Larry fixed a cheese plate, fruit dish,
crackers, baguette and Champagne.
Our movie was The Road Within.
{we liked the movie}
I liked not cooking.

My Larry is in far off Ft Worth today.
I will stay at the cottage for the rest of the day.
Laundry and other projects needing attention.
{House and ART stuff}

I best get this cancer free body busy...
doesn't  that cancer free part sound delightful? 
Happy Monday!
Love you.