Monday, January 4, 2016

Joes, Robert and Kidney Stones

For yesterdays Sunday, Dinner and Movie,
I made the Pioneer Woman's Sloppy Joes.
They are our favorite.

I paired them with 1664 beer and steak fries.
 I used jalapeno cheese buns to spoon the Joes on.
{they were so good!}
Our movie was: A Walk In The Woods.
I LOVE Robert Redford, but this movie was pretty bad.
Larry got very quiet during the movie.
Little did I know that a kidney stone attack was starting.
I thought maybe it was that stinky movie?

After dinner, while cleaning up, 
we found 3 sugar ants in the pantry.
I got in a panic and cleaned the pantry out.
We sprayed that pantry down with ant spray!
Larry was still quiet.
Larry never mentions anything to me
 until the full kidney stone attack is on.
This happened around 6 pm.
Then, he takes lots of Hydrocodone 
 paces around the house like a woman in labor.
I do not talk to him.
This goes on for hours, till he takes enough drugs
to help him relax. 
Then he usually passes the stone in the next few hours.
His attack is over this morning,
but the "day after" upset tummy, shaky hands, sore body,
is here.
He is pale as a ghost, but is working.
His laptop is on the dining room table
and he is working in his PJ's.
I guess I better start putting things back in the pantry.
Happy first week of 2016.
I hope the year only gets better and better.
Love you.