Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Day After

Happy Boxing Day! 
I am not sure what Boxing Day is,
but please, have a happy one.

Larry is working this morning.
Locked deep into his office, making plans for 2016.
He loves his job so much.

The "French" playlist is soothing
as it comes out of the tiny speaker
that is attached to my IPOD.
I am in the studio, just enjoying the morning.

Libby is sleeping in her studio bed,
ignoring the Pug dinner that I made for her.
She celebrated her 15th Christmas, yesterday.
She is a blessing to me. 
My loyal girl.

Yesterday, we had brunch with Lars, Josh & Matilda.
They out did themselves with the most amazing 
brunch goodies I have ever had.
Then we opened gifts.
{i will blog about that later}
It was a wonderful morning with the Millers.

Jamison and Jared had to work yesterday.
Jami got off work around 2ish.
She  went home and brought the dogs over to The Cottage
I cooked Christmas dinner.
It was a sweet afternoon. Calm and beautiful outside.
It was to warm for a fire in the fire pit.
We did sit talking for a long time at the table, patio doors open
and a lovely breeze coming through the house.
In the Glooming....
Many memories from yesterday fill my heart.
I enjoyed this holiday very much.

Happy Boxing Day!
Love you,