Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Prayers And Thankful Cards

I was apprehensive going to France this year.
It was not fear but the feeling of not wanting to be in the way.
Paris was going through their own heartbreak.
So, ignoring my feelings, we boarded the plane,
arrived in Paris around 10 am the next morning.

 After unpacking and going to the market,
Larry and I go to church.
This year there was a line.
I have never seen it like this before.
I really did not mind waiting in line.
Everyone was nice and it was drizzling.
I felt happy to be.
Just happy to be standing there and sharing this moment.
As we waited to enter the church,
we both had time to reflect.
Our prayer list was short this year.
Who had not asked to be added or who did we forget?
I added a few names.
You might know who you are.
Do you see the candles?
They were lit while prayers were being said.
This one moment in my year,
fills me with faith and love so deeply,
 that I cry.
I only wish the best for .....well you know.

After prayers, Larry takes me across the street.
 We have banana, Nutella crepes and Fanta.
We nourish our faith and body.

As we sat in the cafe, it started raining harder.
I was happy.

Pilgrims lined up across the street in the rain.
They would be going up the steps 
to the bell tower of Notre Dame.
Rain would not stop them.
How wonderful is that?

We went back to the apartment,
ate the best sandwiches in the world,
had crisps, and wine.

...we filled out Thankful Cards.
Sharing our love with dear friends in our life.
Prayers and thankful cards.
A perfect day in Paris.

I felt wonderful.
I was living my life,
not watching it swirl around me.

Love you.