Thursday, December 17, 2015

Love and Forgiveness

So many people approach the holidays 
with a broken heart.
I was one of these people years ago.
After my mother died and Norman {my father}
hooked up and married "that woman",
I was happy for him.
He would not be alone now and he was living his life.

At their wedding reception.
I went to them and toasted them.
Norman started sobbing.
He said: I miss your Mother every day.
The look on his brides face was awful.
It was not long after that I did not RSVP 
a party at their house early enough.
He disowned me.
I almost did not know what this meant.

It meant that he would not talk to me,
see me
 have anything to do with me.

He did not have anything to do with me for years.
This man who shaped me into the person I am,
this man I loved.
My love for him never ended.
Of course I was hurt.
He never spoke to me again.
He died without being part of my life.
{he had nothing to do with Larry or the Girls either}

This is strange to say,
but it was love  
that got me through a lot of the pain.
I still love him very much and often wonder
why he did not love me enough to stay part of my life.
{he died in 2002 of a heart attack}

With that being said,
I am fine.
In fact I am great.
Love and forgiveness is an amazing.
It does not happen overnight, but it happens.
Allow your heart to feel everything in a truthful way.
In time, you will heal.
I promise.

As I go into another Christmas season,
without Norman or my sisters,
I smile.
I love them all so much.
They will always be part of my life.
But, you cannot make anyone love you,
but you can allow yourself to be truthful and happy.

During this holiday season,
Don't be alone.
Share your story.
It is not something to be ashamed of.
Love and forgiveness.
Love and forgiveness.
I love you,