Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday At The Cottage

It is Friday!
Music is playing, {Francis Cabrel of course}
 I hear the humm of my new dishwasher,
I watered all of the plants,
Libby ate all of her Pug Dinner
I am inspired.

This is a Hawaiian Schefflera.
It was regular size,
but I cut it down and have been pampering this baby.
It might be a Hawaiian Schefflera bonsai one day.
Right now it is odd looking.
I will keep you posted.

It is going to be 80 degrees today.
Looking out on the patio makes me want to paint out there.
It is like spring!

About Painting...
Once a long time ago,
an ARTist whom I respected said:
NEVER give your ART away.
{barter, ask for $1.00, anything}
I stick by that rule all the time.
EXCEPT for this Christmas.
One painting is in the mail to someone I adore
there is one more painting wrapped and ready.
I am thrilled to share these two pieces.
This holiday is so much fun to me.
I am doing everything backwards,
but what the heck.
I am having fun,
 enjoying time doing the things I want to do,
instead of the things I felt I had to do.

I am so inspired.
My heart is bursting with joy and anticipation.

"Christmas, my child, is love in action.
Every time we love, every time we give,
it's Christmas."
~Dale Evans Rogers~

Happy Friday to you
Love you,