Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Three Dresses

I never knew how memories could hurt, until I got healthy.
This week, three years ago, we almost lost our Josh.
Lauren's Husband and Matilda's Papa.
The past two years, I would spend it in a glorious euphoria.
Thankful, of course, but somewhat numb to reality.

On November 10th, 2012,
 was the day of Josh's huge heart surgery.
His heart was to tired to cooperate.
But, thanks to many wonderful blessings,
his heart healed.

I had just finished 37 radiation treatments.
My wounds were massive and my body tired.
I remember sitting on the sofa at the Miller house,
watching baby Matilda get into things.
Because my body would not work, I had to holler at her.
I HATE that memory.

I was great at changing diapers and putting her to bed.
Rainbow Connection is OUR song, 
if she remembers or not.

Now, I finally feel healthy.
The memory of this week breaks my heart.
Our children went through something catastrophic
and it has changed their lives forever.
I must add, they celebrate this week fully.
Lauren calls it The Lucky Week.

As I meditate this week,
I have been sewing.
Three dresses are done.
I shall remember this week with thankfulness
make one more dress.

Love you.