Monday, November 2, 2015

Sugar High

I am still smiling.
Last night we had dinner at Lauren, Josh and Matilda's house.
A spooky Halloween feast, that was delicious.
Not to mention, Josh made his famous hot chocolate.
{I had two cups of the elixir}
Matilda was on the end of a two day sugar high,
and  was adorable.
We missed Jami & Jared.
Our public servants had to work
we thank them very much for their service.
{but we sure do miss them at family dinners}
I sat at the raven seat.
Josh's platter to accompany the lamb, was beautiful and delicious.
Matilda showed us the decorated pumpkins that were around the house.
And, she had made drawings for Larry and me...

We had a lovely Halloween weekend
hope you did too.
Love you.