Thursday, October 8, 2015

Trust Your Journey

I walked Larry to the front door this morning.
Kissed him good bye, and he said:
Look, there is a box on the door step.
He handed it to me, and kissed me again.

I brought the box in and put it in the kitchen...
and then went in search of Libby.

Once I fed Libby I opened the mystery box.
A box beautifully wrapped, begged to be opened.
I opened the card first and started to cry.
Then I opened the box.
It is a beautiful Brighton bracelet,
the words inside the heart say: TRUST YOUR JOURNEY,
with tiny pearls floating around it.
{to celebrate my third year being breast cancer free}

This amazing family, Dima, Levi & Ayah, are like my children.
{They are Lauren & Josh's best friends}
The support they show me is amazing.
It is that quiet, strong support that you sense is always there.
These three mean the world to me.
Thank you dear ones.
Your thoughtful gift is loved and appreciated.
Dima, Levi and Ayah.
Love you so much.