Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Beyond the "KING"

While at the beach this summer,
Larry won our annual chess tournament.
{must win best of 7 games}
As his prize, he chose the interesting bud vase above.
It is solid glass and hand etched. {I love it}
The ARTist signed it.
He picked it out in a little glass shop in Kapa'a, HI.
When we have fresh flowers, one goes in the vase part.
When we do not have fresh flowers, we use this handy silk rose
that he bought for me at Michael's.

I think perhaps that he picked out his prize 
with me in mind.
Isn't he the sweetest man alive?
Granted, he is.
I  think that he must be feeling a bit guilty.
I found the below picture in his stack of vacation shots.
Now I understand how he won so many chess games.
At first, I thought, WHAT?
Now I am just laughing.
Look out Larry.
I plan on winning the Paris Tournament!
Get your Euro ready!
Love you beyond the "king"...