Monday, October 19, 2015

Jumping Off Trees

This past few days have been perfection.
Larry and I have been happier than I can ever remember.
My heart still melts when he holds my hand and whispers in my ear.
On Saturday morning, we went to an early movie.
We saw Bridge Of Spies.
{and liked it a lot}
We did chores and then had dinner in bed.
Sunday morning, Lauren Josh and Matilda
 invited us to the pumpkin farm.
We took a hay ride, 
got lost in the maze
fed the photographic long horns.
Matilda loves the long horns.
After feeding the long horns,
we went to the local Mexican Restaurant for lunch.
Matilda sat between Larry and me
{and across from her parents}
My favorite moment was when she put her arm around my neck,
put an arm around Larry's neck,
then pulled us close so she could kiss us each on the cheek.

Yes, it is Monday morning.
The leaves are jumping off of the trees
I feel like making pumpkin bread.

The joys of Autumn.
Love you.