Friday, October 16, 2015

New Growth

Our 2013 Christmas Cactus has new growth.
I do not know how on earth it survived over the past 2 years.
But it did.
Christmas Cacti are native of Brazil and love humid weather.
They grow in the rain forest on other trees.
It is a tropical plant.
Confusing isn't it?

Christmas Cacti are much like humans.
We are confusing,
we thrive growing along with others,
when conditions are right, we bloom.

My past 3 years have been more difficult 
than I have let anyone know.
 I have struggled with this,
while struggling to appear not to have a care in the world.

Some of you saw right through me.
Others, not so much.
You baited me while I struggled,
then when I said something about it,
 it was my fault for being a bad sport.

The bottom line is,
good friends should never presume 
to take a friendship for granted.

I have new growth today too.
Just like my Christmas Cacti.
It is a wonderful time in my life
I find myself surrounded by friends who truly love me.
I am in awe and honored.

Please God,
Do not let me ever take a true friendship for granted.
Love you.