Monday, October 26, 2015

Day Three~Paris Pictures {the screen saver challenge}

I am so glad that it is MONDAY!
Larry has been out of town since Saturday AM
and will be gone almost all week.
 Weekends without Larry are the worst.

It rained all weekend.
I did laundry, cleaned the house
worked on projects.

The screen saver, on the laptop, are pictures from Paris. 
Each day is a different picture
they are shuffled so they are not in order.
On Saturday, I thought that each day {that Larry is away}
I would write something about that days picture.
Today is day three of Paris pictures.


I must confess that I am a daydreamer.
Looking at amazing French doors make me wonder so many things.
How was it built?
Who has lived there over the years?
If it could talk, what story would it tell me?
Who is the man in the upper right hand corner holding an "S"?
Look at his boney knees. They look like boobs.
I remember why I took this photo.
I loved the iron work.

Have you ever wondered what thoughts your facade provokes?
Love you,