Monday, October 5, 2015

Beyond the clouds

This past weekend was so nice.
Larry worked each day and after he was finished...we played.
Good friends came up from Austin {for the state fair}
we met them for dinner. 
{Love you Lorie & Shawn}
We did chores,
 visited a friend in the hospital, 
went to the movies,
{we saw The Martian and loved it}
Then I cooked, cuddled with Libby
 and worked on Matilda's Christmas stocking.
I am beginning to think that the stocking will never get finished.
I am smiling.

A week ago I got my flu shot and the shingles vaccine.
Getting them both on the same day,
with the cancer meds I am taking,
 really slowed me down.
I feel so much better today.
The first Monday of October!

Yesterday I
 gathered addresses for our holiday cards.
I re-did the card list.
I make 50-60 cards each year.
By hand.
This year, I designed them.
Larry and I alternate each year
this year, it was my turn to design the card
with my photos, etc.

After addresses, I cooked...just a wee bit.

We had popcorn at the movies
for dinner we had left overs.
But dessert....oh dessert.
We had, angel food cake, strawberries, 
vanilla ice-cream
whipped cream. 

There are several theories on who originated this cake. Also called ice cream cake (a Pennsylvania Dutch wedding cake). It is felt that the abundance of cake molds in southeastern Pennsylvania, one of the major producers of cake molds, indicates that the angel food cake originated there in the early 1800's.

Did you know that...
October 10th is National Angel Food Cake Day?

Love you beyond the clouds.